Beginning a Back end Path💻⚜️🔰♻️

Encyclopedia of Computer Science and Technology — Harry Hend

because it’s not so simple and fast to make a design that really gonna make the website and mobile app work well and be successfully, and for this need a lot of practice and be exercise all the time for a few years, after this you can manage more easly master🚀 new fields,

The brain can be train like a dog? [Pavlov/Vygotsky]

*Forget the step by step, not Always I’m gonna read all the book, or sometimes I need just take some doubt about that chapter of that particularly book, so focus just on this and keep going, a lot of times I see myself reading philosophy and physicology and I don’t work in this fields so when I’m at work I don’t lose the focus.🚗⚡️💫

-Reading all the day and coding you start to learn really fast and using combined skills like knowledge management (), people gonna tell you: “Knowledge it’s power”, but they are just partially right, in fact you gonna need know how and what to do it that data or knowledge, so first you need learn how really read and get all the context my mentor Mortimer Adler tell us all the steps for this, research him at wikipedia and tell me what you do or forget to do when you are reading some new book.📐🖊📝

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Extra mile <\Session´=>

I’m a bug bounty too:

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Eros M. Lima

Eros M. Lima

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